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K-9 Unit

The Fall River Police Department K9 Unit is comprised of three specially trained dogs and their handlers. The unit conducts constant and rigorous training to provide services such as bomb & firearm detection, search and rescue, building clearing, evidence detection and much more to the citizens of Fall River. FRPD K9 also assists other law enforcement and community agencies when requested.


Due to the unique and powerful abilities of smell and drive that trained police dogs possess, K9 is an in-valuable asset to both law enforcement and general public safety functions. Our unit is capable of and has proven very effective in locating violent suspects who would otherwise escape, evidence of crimes such as shootings and conducting sweeps of areas for the presence of explosive devices.

The FRPD K9 unit is currently made up of the following dogs:

  • K9 Roxy, Black Labrador

    • Explosives and Firearm Detection​

  • K9 Odin, Belgian Malinois

    • Patrol and Firearm Detection​

  • K9 Satu, German Shepherd Dog

    • Patrol and Firearm Detection​

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