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Animal Control

Welcome to the official website for Fall River Animal Control. FRAC is open between the hours of 8am-4pm, seven days a week. We are closed on most major holidays. For after hours emergencies, you may contact the police department non-emergency line.

The primary goal of this department is to keep pets and people safe in our community. We will investigate every complaint that comes through our office and even do organized patrols of problem areas in our city. We are responsible to investigate all animal bites reported to us and quarantine animals for potential rabies risks.


The secondary goal of this department is to act as a resource to residents of Fall River. We serve a diverse community with varying needs. We offer spay/neuter assistance, have a pet food bank, hold rabies clinics, and are willing to help out with almost any situation that may arise regarding animals in the city.


We are also responsible for collecting stray and abandoned pets in Fall River, investigate cruelty complaints, and pick up any sick or injured animals within the city limits.


All stray animals that are picked up by Fall River Animal Control are held at Forever Paws Animal Shelter for the allotted stray hold period. Once that period is ended, the animals become the property of the city. Healthy, adoptable animals are turned over to the shelter for adoption.


We collaborate with local veterinarians, law enforcement agencies, wildlife rehabilitators, and local animal shelters to ensure that each animal we come in contact with, gets a second chance.


Fall River Animal Control welcomes any questions, concerns, or even comments that citizens may have. Animals cannot speak for themselves, so we depend on the public to alert us of any potential situations.

Contact Information

Animal Control Office
(508) 324-2037
(508) 676-8511
(508) 324-2809

Cynthia Berard-Cadima, Supervisor

Kate Perry-Borges, Officer

Heather Donnelly, Officer

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the City of Fall River doing about the stray cats in the city?


The City of Fall River receives grant money from several organizations to help spay/neuter the feral cats in the city. We have received money in the past from the Massachusetts Animal Coalition’s License Plate Program, Massachusetts Animal Fund, The Gorrey Grant (through Pet Partners, Inc.), and Petsmart Charities. We will continue to search for grant money available to help our community.

Fall River Animal Control offers humane traps to catch feral cats for surgeries. We can help with pre/post surgery care. We also can advise citizens on how to begin helping feral cats in their community.

If a cat is abandoned or lost, Fall River Animal Control will take them in to our contracted shelter. If a feline is injured, we will pick up the cat and get veterinary advice on what the next step should be.


What do I do if I find a stray dog?


All stray dogs in Massachusetts must be held at an animal control facility for the allotted hold period. This is to ensure that an owner has the proper time to claim their lost pets. Because of this, all stray dogs must be reported to animal control.


Do I have to license my dog?


All dogs in the City of Fall River must be licensed every year. Simply bring your dog’s rabies vaccine certificate to the City Clerk (2nd floor of City Hall) and ask for a dog license. Pets that are spayed/neutered are $10.00. Unaltered pets are $15.00. Licensing is free for citizens ages 70 and over.


What do I do if I have a problem with wildlife?


If wildlife has gotten into your home by accident, animal control can help to remove the animal and let him back outside. We also will take injured/orphaned wildlife and set them up with local wildlife rehabbers.

We have tips on how to co-exist with wildlife in your area. We are not a pest control service, however, and do not take and relocate unwanted wildlife.


What are the laws regarding animals in Fall River?


All the city ordinances can be found on the City of Fall River’s website.

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