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Fall River Teen Police Academy


Our objective is to provide two weeks of fitness, education and fun weaved into a police academy format. Our curriculum will include various presentations from guest law enforcement agencies, hands-on practice, and physical training to give students an idea of what it is involved in becoming a police officer, but also how to be a responsible citizen.


JULY 8 - 19, 2024


GRADES 9 - 12


The mission of the Teen Police Academy is to foster a better understanding and relationship between young people and the Fall River Police Department. The program will offer those interested in a law enforcement career an opportunity to engage in modified police training exercises and gain an understanding of the emotional, physical, and mental challenges police officers face daily in their community. Young people will also gain the proper mindset and attitude needed to be successful in a law enforcement career or any career path they may choose by participating in group fitness events, challenges, and exercises.

Our Mission



Applications can be accepted via online. Only a maximum of 50 candidates will be chosen for each academy class (middle school class and high school class). Selection will be based on student’s interest in law enforcement, military service, and/or recommendation by their school. Those not selected for each class, will be placed on a waitlist in the event of an opening. Any application which is not filled out completely or as instructed will be subject to disqualification. Candidates who are accepted into the program will receive an acceptance letter and provided additional paperwork prior to attending. Deadline to apply will be May 30th.


Sergeant Matt Mendes - Academy Director

Email (best method):

Office: (508) 676-8511 x142

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