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Operation Fugitive
Have you seen anyone of these Fugitives
Call Police at 508.676.8511

Keenan Ritter
Age: 25
L.K.A: 158 Fourth Street, Apt. #5, Fall River, MA.
Charges: A&B on Family / Household Member, Intimidating a Witness, Strangulation or Suffocation, A&B with a Dangerous Weapon, Intimidating a Witness, A&B on Family / Household Member, Assault with a Dangerous Weapon, Drug, Possess Class A, Drug, Possess to Distribute Class B, Drug, Possess to Distribute Class A, Drug Possess to Distribute Class A, Subsequent, Cocaine, Possess to Distribute, Cocaine, Possess to Distribute, Subsequent

Claudio Gomes
Age: 48
Charges: - Indecent assault & battery on a person 14 or over. Indecent Exposure. Annoy/Accost another person.

Tony (aka Antonio) D Miranda
Age: 43
L.K.A: LKA 90 Wyman St. Brockton
Charges: A&B on a child under 14, A&B, Larceny, Vandalism.

Christopher Lane
Age: 20
L.K.A: 69 Tecumseh Street, Fall River, MA.
Charges: Firearm, Carry/Poss. w/o LTC Non-Large Capacity In, Firearm w/o LTC loaded in public, Firearm attempt to commit A&B by discharging, Firearm Discharge within 500ft of bldg/dwelling, Assault to Murder, Firearm-armed

Breon L. Stroup
Age: 21
L.K.A:136 Lowell St. Fall River
Charges: Armed Robbery, Possess to Distribute a Class D Substance

Paul Diogenes
Age: 46
L.K.A: 83 American Legion HWY Westport, MA
Charges: Identity fraud, Attempt to commit a crime, Forgery, Uttering and Larceny Over

Roger Langlais
Age: 29
L.K.A: Homeless
Charges: Homeless - Rape, Kidnapping, Witness intimidation, Assault w/ Dangerous Weapon - Knife

Jarrid Batista
Age: 24
L.K.A: 903 Rodman Street Fall River
Charges: Unarmed Robbery, A&B

Michael Viruet
Age: 40
L.K.A:672 Tucker Street, Fall River, MA
Charges: Intimidate Witness Threats to Commit a Crime

Matthew S. Vultao
Age: 43
L.K.A: 1200 South Main St. Fall River
Charges: Home Invasion, Armed Assault in a Dwelling, Fire Arms Violation, Leaving the of Property Damage