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Emergency Services Unit

"Tactical Solution, Precision Execution"

The Emergency Services Unit is a group of officers who are selected, trained, and equipped to work as a coordinated team to resolve critical incidents that are hazardous, complex, unusual or may exceed the capabilities of first responders. The Emergency Services Unit is trained to respond to Barricaded Subjects, High Risk Warrants, Hostage Rescue, Search & Rescue, Personal Protection, and Crowd Control.

The Fall River Police Department Emergency Services Unit (ESU) was first established in 1975 as the Heavy Weapons Drill Team. In 1982, the name was changed to the Emergency Reaction Team and later to the Emergency Response Team. In January of 2011, Chief Daniel Racine expanded the role of the team and named it the Emergency Services Unit. The uniforms have also evolved over the years from black BDUs to gray Urban Digital Camouflage to the present navy blue Battle Dress Uniform.

The team consists of 22 highly motivated and disciplined members. Officers must have 2 years of patrol experience, pass a firearms qualification test, a physical fitness test, take a written test, rappel off of the Fall River Fire Department Training Tower and be interviewed by the team. The present physical fitness test includes a 1.5 mile run, push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, stair climb, bench press, and sprint/obstacle course.

A typical training day consists of a strenuous physical fitness program, training in defensive tactics, tactical training, and firearms training.

Emphasis is placed on physical fitness so an officer will be able to withstand the rigors of tactical operations. As of January 2014, the ESU Physical Fitness records are 87 Pushups by Athan Parousis, 87 Situps by Jared Mooney, 19 Pullups by Eric Copsetta, 16 reps at 100% Bodyweight Benchpress by Joe Galvao & Luis Duarte, 1.5 mile run in 10:38 by Joe Galvao, the Tactical Endurance Course in 4:38 by Joe Galvao, and the 110m Sprint in 12:06 by Matt Mendes. Officer Joe Galvao is the reigning ESU Physical Fitness Award winner.

The team utilizes a state of the art Firearm & Use Of Force Simulation Training system developed by Ti Training in Golden, Colorado. The Emergency Services Unit provides training to our department and other police agencies.

Several ESU members are M.P.T.C. Firearms Instructors, Defensive Tactics Instructors, Patrol Procedure Instructors, Less-Lethal, Use Of Force, TASER, and Active Shooter Instructors. The Emergency Services Unit assists with Patrol Procedure training of recruit officers at the police academy and provides training to the department. The team is a member of the National Tactical Officers Association. Officers Jon Rose and Glenn MacDonald are Crisis Negotiators trained by the FBI and the NTOA.

All ESU members are trained in Threat Assessment/Site Evaluations. They conduct evaluations and training with area schools, and other high-risk locations.

The majority of team members come from the Uniform Division, with the remainder of the team coming from the Special Operations Division and the Vice & Intelligence Unit.


Lt. David A. Gouveia

Sgt. David Murphy

Sgt. James Smith

Off. James Elumba

Off. David Delvalle

Off. Athan Parousis

Off. Eric Copsetta

Off. Kevin Lopes

Off. Jon Rose

Off. Luis Duarte

Off. Brian Cabral

Off. Jon Ferreira

Off. Joe Galvao

Off. Nick Magan

Off. Matt Mendes

Off. Jared Mooney

Off. Shane Galus

Off. Jason Fournier

Off. Joseph Reed

Off. Derek Oagles

Off. William Platt

Off. Erick Bettencourt





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